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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pink N' Proper x Claire collaboration box

Are you SUMMER BODY READY yet?!!?!! 
Not really for me though looking at my chubby figure (and still eating ice cream). BUT! I know that this box's got me covered.

I'm talking about Pink N' Proper x Claire Organics' Collaboration BOX! For those of you who don't know, 

Founded in 2013, Pink N' Proper proud themselves as a local Malaysian brand that specialises in bringing in fashionable swimwear and beachwear. Their collection is chic, mixed with a dash of classiness along with a hint of elegance and sexiness. Making you look FASHIONABLE going to the beach! They have a pretty wide range of bikinis and monokinis! A lot of nice pattern ones that I like heheehe seriously check them out! 
p.s They ship internationally too ;)

While on the other hand, Claire Organics is a all natural handcrafted skin & body care brand in Malaysia. Their products are specially formulated with natural remedies, packed with nourishing and healing skin benefits which is great for all skin types and sensitive skin and ALSO for babies and pregnant mommies. Fun fact is that they were created by the love of a mom to provide the best for her baby. The brand name Claire also came after her baby girl 'Norra Claire' which means 'clear and pure' in French which is exactly what the brand stands for. 

Now that you've known a lil more about the brand, today I'll be showing you what they've collaborated in this AMAZING BOX!

At first my mom thought it was cake because of the cute lace packaging. ROFL MOM OMG
It was sooooo funny when she was all surprise and excited there was cake on the dining table at home, but turns out it's:

1.  Max Azria Cross Back Bikini Set in Black
2. Inflatable pink flamingo Drink Holder
3. Claire Sunscreen
4. Claire Luscious cocoa Lip balm and Lotion for dry skin
5. Claire Candy Soap in Rose Hip

The price of the box is only RM99, which is totally worth the money considering the fact that it's ORIGINAL PRICE is RM200 !!! This collaboration will only last for 4 months, and every month, the contents will change from both brands! How exciting, I can't wait to see what's next! But no worries, cause customers will be able to choose from 4 different swimwear designs every month as well. Awesome! The people from Pink N' Proper were kind enough to drop me a code for you guys, SO if you're thinking of getting a box, use my code "SUNDAESINS10" to get 10% OFF!

First, can we take some time to appreciate how awesome this bikini is?! My usual outfits are like my current bikinis in my wardrobe; Loud, patternful, and colorful. I needed something minimal (toned down) BUT I always wanted it to have a little something. I just can't see myself buying or getting a bikini which is just PLAIN... so THANK GOD FOR THIS ONE because it fits what I'm looking for! It's a plain bikini with a twist! OMG I love this bikini!!!!! The criss-cross thing makes this bikini absolutely to die for! And it's so smart that actually IF you don't like the cross-back thing (like tell me who doesn't) YOU CAN TAKE IT OUT! Just look at THIS PIC to get a better idea. ONE bikini, 3 different ways to wear it. Money well spent! 

Next is this extremely adorable inflatable pink flamingo drink holder from Pink N' Proper. This one is SOOO CUTE, I always wanted the BIG ONE where you can chill and lay down on in the pool reading your book while you act all 'Datin', but I guess I'm starting small with this one first. 
Which is currently sitting on my table desk holding my phone while I type away on the keyboard right now. 

Here it's not carrying a coke, but it's carrying all Claire Organics product - a sunscreen, a lotion, and a bar of soap. 
By the way, all of their things are HANDMADE with LOVE, and you know I'm a sucker for anything handmade.

These are definitely my fav, I can't decide which one I love more (sunscreen or the body balm) BUT what I absolutely adore is the medium and 
the size, EXTREMELY good for traveling and which is what I NEED! I can put this in my bag and it won't make me feel like I'm carrying the whole Guardian store! The weight feels exactly like carrying AA batteries, which is great! I love how it's not in liquid form as well because it won't spill here and there in your bag when you're traveling. Three of these products smells very similar, it almost smells like a spa-like kindda scent! Which is extremely relaxing whenever I open them I imagine myself having a good massage. 

Again thank you so much Pink N' Proper for dropping me this awesome box. Guys, remember if you wanna purchase it, go to , enter my code 'SUNDAESINS10' (pst, it's case sensitive so make sure it's ALL CAPS) and enjoy 10% off your next box! 

Hope to see you guys in some fine rocking ass bikinis with smooth skin! ;)